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baby unicorns coloring pages, unicorns to print, unicorn coloring pages games, unicorn head coloring pages, unicorn coloring pages, aren’t they the magical creatures of the unicorn? This incredible creature was first introduced in European fables. A unicorn looks a lot like a horse; the only exception is a single horn protruding from its forehead. A few versions have facial hair and goat hooves. The horns of these magical creatures have the power to neutralize poison. It can even turn water into a drinkable liquid.

Children love fairy tales and the amazing characters associated with them such as unicorns, flying horses, phoenixes, and mermaids. Unicorns appear extensively in children’s cartoons, literature, and movies. Unicorns often appear as companions to maidens and princesses. They are also represented as protectors of the earth or the kingdom as a whole. Like most creatures in mythology, there is nothing wrong with unicorns. They symbolize purity, beauty and magical strength.

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