Hello from the tiger coloring page! Interesting wild animals with black and orange stripes colors have always attracted kids! You probably guessed they were tigers. These wild predators belong to the cat family. However, it is not as soft and fluffy as domestic cats. Often times we can see them in zoos. You can create your own drawing collection of a tiger and its family. And you can do this with the help of coloring, which can be downloaded or printed for free directly from the site!

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Tiger coloring page is the lion’s main opponent for the title of King of beasts. 6 species of this mammal are distinguished: Bengali, Indochina, Amur, Chinese, Sumatra, and Malay. They differ in the color of the skin and the Asian habitat. As a rule, the tiger is black-striped, red-brown, red-orange or white-gray. Children will be happy to decorate a realistic tiger and cartoon tribes. Coloring the striped tiger will make it possible to study this predator in more detail.