Mandala Coloring Pages for adults will be a great solution for stress. At least it’s a great opportunity to forget about problems, get away from work, and touch the universe. Because, according to scientists, mandalas are a schematic representation. Ornaments in the form of a square, circle or triangle combine three colors: red, yellow and green, but if desired, you can use other colors that are more calm or, on the contrary, aggressive. Everything will depend on the mood and imagination of the artist. The collection of mandalas brought to your attention can be of interest to both adults and children. Every artist can see the similar drawing in his own way. They can also put their thoughts and feelings into it.

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How Are Mandalas Colored?

In mandala and mandala coloring book, it is desirable to use only 4 colors: red, yellow, green and blue. However, you can use other colors as well. By default, the picture is black and white and any part of it can be left unpainted.

According to ancient legends, a person who starts painting a mandala goes on a journey. The mandala pattern is considered perfect by default, so it does not tolerate additional drawings. You need to immerse yourself in the painting, paint the parts you want, in any order or in irregularity, partially or completely. Coloring mandalas will be more balanced and calm.