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Lions, also known as big cats, are members of the Felidae family. They are affectionately called the “King of the Beasts” or the “King of the Jungle.” It is the second largest living cat after the tiger. The wild lion can live for 10-14 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity.

Lions have always had a special place for children who love to draw and artistically represent these animals. They have been celebrated throughout history for their strength and courage. Lions are also represented as important symbols in many countries.

Lions are large cats often referred to as “king of beasts” or “king of the jungle.” They are known for their great elegance. These animals have always been revered by humans since ancient times, and they have also been depicted as important symbols in many countries. Lions have also been associated with royalty due to their cultural representations of being strong and noble. These creatures have always held a special place in the hearts of young children. Therefore, it is not surprising that they like to paint and draw or artistically portray these animals. Lion coloring pages allow children to explore their creative potential as well as being a source of inspiration and imagination. On this website, you will find numerous coloring pages depicting both lion cubs and adults in realistic and cartoonish images.

14 Lion Coloring Pages

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Leon coloring pages

Leon coloring page

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