My Wonderful Little Free Coloring Pages and Drawing Book.

The Kids Coloring Pages section offers excellent quality coloring pictures for boys and girls.

Free Coloring Pages For Kids

Wonderful color transformations are visible in every finished paint. Blue trees, red beasts and orange daisies … Sound familiar? It is up to the parents to decide whether to insist that the child paint all the elements of the coloring book in the correct colors or to allow him to fantasize. What can you say here? Everyone’s choice, but let’s tell you a secret, if you don’t insist, you should at least recommend it. How else? If the child is not 2-4 years old, then it’s time to start getting used to reality.


New Kids Coloring to Paint

Here we are talking about how colorful it can be for children to draw and color pictures! Believe me, it definitely won’t hurt. Imagine a normal fruit coloring book and a coloring book with a small crossword puzzle or alphabet letter. So much for the benefit, you yourself will not notice how you learn the alphabet and learn to count. So, smart coloring is our choice!